Clear Type Tuner: Microsoft Powertoy to Tweak and Customize Clear Type Font Settings in Windows

Clear Type is a new font smoothing technology introduced by Microsoft in Windows XP. This new technology makes reading the fonts on an LCD screen easier and better.

By default, Windows XP doesn't provide any way to customize Clear Type font settings although there are ways to change its settings using Windows Registry.

But now Microsoft has released a free tool for Windows XP to customize Clear Type font settings according to your requirements.

Clear Type Tuner is a free Microsoft Powertoy for Windows XP but it also works in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

It allows you to select a few options from a built-in list which helps you in adjusting Clear Type fonts look on your screen.

Following is a preview of this free tool in action:


You can use this powertoy to change the fonts settings which makes the fonts looking smooth and easy to read on screen.

You can download it using following link:

Download Link

If you are a Windows 7 user, you can use built-in ClearType Text Tuner application to do the same task. You can check following article to get more info:

[Guide] How to Use Windows 7 Built-in ClearType Text Tuner?

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