[FIX] Cannot Install New Fonts in Windows, “Install New Fonts” Command Missing from File Menu

UPDATE: You can right-click on a font file and select Install option to directly install it.

If you have downloaded some fonts from Internet or anywhere else, you can install them in your Windows by using following method:

1. Type fonts in RUN dialog box and press Enter.

2. It'll open Fonts folder. Click on "File -> Install New Font..." option, browse to the folder containing font files and click on Install button. It'll install new fonts.


But sometimes people face strange problem. They cannot find the "Install New Font..." option in "File" Menu. If you are also facing this problem, then use following method to fix the problem:

1. Open Command Prompt and provide following commands:

Attrib +s +r fonts

2. Restart your Windows and now your problem should be fixed.

NOTE: If it doesn't work, then extract the "fontext.dll" file from Windows Setup CD and copy it to "%windir%\System32" and "%windir%\System32\DLLcache" folders.

To know how to extract a file from Windows Setup, please go through following link:

How to Include Your Edited System Files in Windows Setup?

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  • This solution didn't work. However, I found another solution which worked perfectly without any system modifications.

    Just right click your font file (e.g. MyFont.otf), and select "Install" menu. That will do its job. Hope it helps.

  • Hi I tried this and its saying either acesss denied or cannot find specified file path. I was installing fonts before no probs. Oh how I miss XP

  • I am using Windows 7 and having same as result as Erica. It says in command prompt access denied. How to fix this!!??

  • kadishmal
    YOU ARE MY HERO - THANK YOU! I knew it could not be as difficult as Microsoft wants us to believe. Right Click > Install... how simple. Thanks so much!

  • Thank you very much! By reading the comment above, you gave me an ideal for figuring out a simple solution in installing fonts in Windows 10. I was one of those whose Fonts File menu does not have the Install New Fonts option.
    The solution was:
    1. Simply open up individual font file by double clicking it.
    2. Right the way the menu at the top of the font file shown me two buttons and one check box: Print, Install, and Use Shortcut.
    3. Just click on the Install button to install the font to the computer or check with Use Shortcut checkbox along with clicking on the Install Button to installing the font by creating a reference to the physical file.
    4. If you have 10 font files, just repeat step 1 to 3 until all the font files are installed.
    I then went to the Fonts Control Panel to verify. The new fonts were there! No configuration change. Nothing! It simply works!
    Many thanks.

  • kadishmal had the answer to my problem, just right click on the fonts you want to install and click install.

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