Notepad Statusbar Bug Found in All Windows Versions

Today we are going to share a bug present in Notepad program which comes bundled with all Windows versions. This bug exists in almost all Windows versions including Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8:

1. Open Notepad and enable "Status Bar" from "View -> Status Bar". If this option is disabled, then first uncheck "Format -> Word Wrap" option and now enable Status Bar again. Actually Notepad doesn't allow to have Status Bar along with Word Wrap feature. You can have one of them enabled at a time. But there is a registry hack, using it you can have both of them at the same time.

Type regedit in RUN dialog box and press Enter. Now go to:


In right-side pane, change value of StatusBar to 1.

2. Now open any existing text file (Yeah, you have to open an already saved file to check this BUG) and put your cursor to any line, you'll see its location in Status Bar.

e.g. we assume that you put the cursor at column 3 of Line 3, then it'll show "Ln 3, Col 3" in Status Bar.

OK, fine then what's the BUG? Now press <Ctrl>+S or Choose "File -> Save" and look at the Status Bar. VOILLA, it'll show "Ln 1, Col 1" irrespective of the actual Line and column Number, that was "Ln 3, Col 22" in our case.


Sometimes you may have to press <Ctrl>+S twice to re-create this BUG.

So the BUG is whenever you save an existing file, Notepad will show "Ln 1, Col 1" in Status Bar and it'll be corrected when you move the cursor.

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  • Open notepad, and type some text.
    Select it all, and type something else.
    Then, move the cursor to the start and type a few characters.
    Then, UNDO, and magically the text you had before appears over the few characters you typed, rather than over everything! This logically shouldn't occur since the text was never in that state!

  • Thanks bro!!!

  • Statusbar: Ctrl+S once is enough, if it doesn't open the save file dialog.
    The Ctrl+Z one: whoa, wtf??!! :o :o :o

  • Still present in Windows 10 (Build 10240).

    I think Microsoft abandoned Notepad.
    They should at least replace it to a universal app version.
    Keep its simplicity and also fix the status bar bug.

  • Notepad allows one setting or the other. It is not surprising then that if you hack both on at the same time, glitches will occur.

    Basically you're complaining of a bug you've found, by forcing into an unsupported scenario, which the developers never anticipated or tested for.

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