[Bug] Google Chrome Showing Thin Black Bar at Bottom of Window

Since the release of Google Chrome 31, many users are facing a weird bug. This bug doesn't affect any functionality but causes some annoying GUI glitch.

This bug can be reproduced using Google Chrome 31 version in Windows operating system. It happens in all Windows versions such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

The bug occurs when you use Taskbar at bottom in Windows and Google Chrome window in maximized state. A weird thin black bar appears at bottom of Google Chrome window as shown in following screenshot:


If you move the Taskbar to top, left or right side of screen, the black line disappears. Its shown only when the Taskbar is placed at bottom.

Although its not a major bug but I have seen many Chrome users complaining about this strange line. Recently a few AskVG readers reported this issue so I decided to post this topic.

Currently there is no known way to remove the black line. But Chrome developer team is aware of this issue and it should be fixed in next release of Google Chrome web browser.

So just wait for a few days and a new update should fix this glitch.

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  • Thanks VG. I realized it after reading your post, this may not be a bug, though. As Windows 8 has very plain colors, that 1px line could help to differentiate the browser window from taskbars with very light colors.

  • Lol and here I thought it was part of the theme I was using because I use a black theme. THANKS VISHAL FOR POINTING THIS OUT SO IT CAN BOTHER ME LOL.

    I'm sure Google will get it fixed in the next release.

  • Thought it was just me, nice to know it isn't :)
    Very annoying, hope Chrome v32 comes out soon.

  • there is also a white line at the top , and i am on occasion getting an error in chrome, saying there is no disk in drive.

  • Nah. I placed my taskbar on top, and ObjectDock on bottom. The line still appeared.
    It's will appeared as long you have something like taskbar or dock on bottom of your screen.

  • I am getting the same black line on Windows 7, basic theme (without Aero)

  • This is not a bug, it has existed since version 31 beta.

  • ^^ Its a bug for sure. It has been fixed in canary builds.

  • On my Windows 7 it's more like a 3px line... SO UGLY!

  • I hate new Google chrome with black bar at bottom.
    If they fix it soon, then I'll change my default browser Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox.
    They still haven't removed that bug in the new update today.

  • You will hate Chrome even more in the future when they lands their Instant Extended API with no way to disable it, Google started to force this feature a while ago with Chromium.

  • THANK YOU! only site that knows whats going-on.
    Many thanks! If you send out a newsletter please place me on your list.
    Later Don

  • I am seeing the same black bar at the bottom of the window, but in opera next 23.
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
    3rd gen intel i3

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