Autorun Eater: Remove Suspicious “Autorun.inf” Files from USB Drives

If you have a USB drive, you should definitely use the tool which we are going to share today. Thanks to AskVG reader "Xonrick" for mentioning it.

"Autorun Eater" is a tool which automatically monitors and removes suspicious "autorun.inf" files found in the root directory of USB drives even before you access the drive.

In most cases, "autorun.inf" files are normally, but not always, created by malwares. When an infected drive is accessed the traditional way(double-click), the 'autorun.inf' file executes the malware and your system gets infected. Most anti-virus applications also do not help you remove the 'autorun.inf' files after they clean up the malware. This causes the drive to be inaccessible using the traditional way of double-clicking.

Autorun Eater can:

  • Detect and remove suspicious 'autorun.inf' files in real-time
  • 'Refresh' your drive to its original state
  • Pause at any time
  • Prevent accidental execution of malicious files by 'autorun.inf' files
  • Help you fix 3 common registry changes made by malicious files

The 3 common registry problems which this tool can fix are:

  • Registry Editor disabled
  • Task Manager disabled
  • Folder Options disabled

Autorun Eater does/is not:

  • Help you remove malicious file(s)
  • Guarantee a guaranteed way to prevent malware infections
  • An anti-virus application



You can download it using following link:

Download Link

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  • This command will remove autorun.inf from USB
    attrib -hrs autorun.inf

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