How to Create Unattended Setup Installer of Microsoft Office, Insert Product Key Automatically

Today in this article, we are going to tell you a simple trick which will help you in quickly installing Microsoft Office suite in your computer system.

After following the trick mentioned in this tutorial, whenever you'll run Microsoft Office setup, the product key/serial will be inserted automatically and you'll not need to remember and enter it manually.

So this tutorial will help you in creating an unattended setup installer of Microsoft Office suite.

You just need to follow these simple steps:

1. First copy the data from Office setup disc to your hard disk.

2. Now open "Setup.ini" file present in Office setup folder using Notepad and add PIDKEY= <product_key_without_dashes> line in [Options] section as given following:


In case of Office 2000,you'll find Setup.ini file in the root of setup CD. If you have Office XP setup, you'll find the file in FILES\SETUP folder.

PS: Remember there must be no Dashes (-) between Product key's digits.

3. That's it. Save the file and now whenever you'll run Office setup, the Product Key will be auto-inserted in the setup wizard.

NOTE: For Office 2007 and later, you'll need to edit "config.xml" file instead of Setup.ini file.

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