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Giveaway Software - MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal License

MiniTool Power Data Recovery provides some powerful data recovery abilities for Windows users. Its an all in one data recovery software that helps you in recovering your important data lost after accidental format, virus problems, software malfunction, file/directory deletion, etc. It is an easy to use software that examines your inaccessible hard drives, CD/DVD disk, memory card, memory stick and other digital media for damages and corruptions and recovers the data.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Homepage

It comes in both forms: free edition as well as paid edition. However, some functions of the product are locked or unavailable in free edition. To unlock these functions, users need to register the product with a license key which costs $69 but today we are going to giveaway free licenses of the product to our readers.

We are pleased to announce that the software company has provided us with Unlimited FREE license keys for MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal Edition.

To get the free license, you just need to follow these simple steps:




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That's it. After successfully following the above mentioned steps, you are ready to win the free license.

All participants will get the free license key.

We'll start sending the license keys to all participants once this giveaway ends.

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  • Thanks VG!

    It is always nice to be prepared and have a peace of mind when accidents happen!

  • You never know when disaster may strike. Its always best to have the tools ready should that happen.

  • Thanks, AVG! I need this tool to recover files from an old HDD.

  • thanks avg. I hope this as easy to use. An I am a little slow, and need to restore a disk I messed up. (partition missing).

  • Windows was behaving crazy on my laptop. I transferred everything to another laptop before doing a clean reinstall. Unfortunately some items had not transferred correctly. So I am desperate to try to find hidden copies of photographs of my late mother.

  • Thanks VG. Just in time, I need to recover some photos.

  • It's always a good idea to have a data recovery program, as you never know when disaster will strike and make your life a living hell.
    I am familiar with this program and would recommend it to anybody who values every bit of data on their systems.

    Oh, and thanks VG for the excellent offer. This will certainly come in handy.

  • I would like this tool because sometimes I delete files without backing up.

  • Data recovery after drive format is very useful.

  • A great offer, have used Power Data Recovery in the past, its up there with the best in recovering files from a dying hard disk.

  • It's definitely better than Recuva I suppose

  • One for me please.

  • @VG I would use it to recover files I accidently deleted from my hard drive or USB. I will also use it to pull files from my current laptops failing hard disk. Just discovered your site and giveaway and subscriped Hopefully the giveaway hasn't ended yet! :)

  • Im already a subscriber of your site bro vishal ;)
    And a great follower too..
    Id like to have this tool coz most of the time i need to format/partition my sdcard for my phone for link2sd purposes and this tool suites very well with the task i do.
    I hope i can have a registered version of it.
    Thank u and be well.

  • @VG I have another question, are the licenses for the Free or Bootable edition? Also, how and when do we receive our licenses?
    - Evan

  • thanks vg Ineed this tool for accidently delete files

  • Nice for emergencies.

  • Great start of year with free license for all :D Thank you MiniTool & VG.

  • Yeah! Thanks @VG! Can't wait to get my key!

  • thanks vg, a great offer.
    I would like to be prepared for accidently deleted files, this happend to me sometimes in the past.

  • bonjour ou bonsoir , je tente ma chance pour la première fois . je suis votre site depuis plus d'un an après l'avoir découvert . Je continue de le suivre suite aux informations donné . En espérant d'être éventuellement le gagnant , à bientôt .

  • Hi Vishal!
    The reason for me to want this software is to be well equiped! Had to recover files from a defect hdd not so long ago and it was a pain because I didn't had something awesome! You're the best, cheers!! :D

  • Another great utility that will come in handy - Thanks VG

  • Looking forward to the new release. It's always good to be prepared.

  • As a media guy, I often experience trouble when a customer came back to me saying he/she had lost their version of the file and asked me if I still keep one on my computer, but I recently deleted it. Really appreciate it to have a copy of the software from Minitool :>

  • This is really awesome tool I must have.. ;)
    Already shared to g+ and subscribe via email newsletter, actually, subscribe long time ago and still an avid follower of your site bro vishal ;)

  • Been using freewares for quite a bit and haven't found the best one.
    Some professional recovery software with additional features will surely be come in handy!

  • Dear Sir,
    I have one Toshiba make HDD and the same got crashed.I wish to recover the data if your software works.Thanks in advance.

  • very nice computer relate website and now very useful for computer related problems

  • thanks vg I need this tool for accidently delete files.

  • Thanks for the giveaway. Absolutely need this as I have lost lots of data in past. I need a reliable tool for data recovery.

  • Just wondering when the keys will be sent out. I registered yesterday 12th and I have urgent need.

  • @Chris @VG I was also wondering when the keys would be sent out. I was also having a little trouble downloading the application.

  • VG

    The giveaway will be closed on Jan 19 and then we'll send the license keys to all participants.

  • Have a dead laptop with some photos I would dearly love to recover.

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