Anti-Aliasing Tuner: Mozilla Firefox Add-on to Fix Font Problem

If you are using Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or later version and the fonts look ugly on your computer screen, following add-on will help you.

Actually Firefox 4.0 and later versions use Direct2D and DirectWrite to provide hardware acceleration and smooth font rendering but it might cause problems while reading the font on some computer screens.

"Anti-Aliasing Tuner" is a simple add-on which can customize various Direct2D/DirectWrite text rendering parameters to make the font appearance really smooth.

It allows to customize cleartype level, anti-aliasing mode, rendering mode, etc.


You can give it a try using following link:

Download Link

Thanks to our reader "SergioJP" for sharing it...

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  • this didn't helped me at all, it even worsen the problem

  • This is not the first time that ASK VG has helped me....
    I am using Windows 7 with firefox 45 version..
    It is working fine for me..
    Thanks VG

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