[All About Mozilla Firefox] Get Good Old Things Back, Customize New Things and Reveal Hidden Secret Stuff

Firefox 4.0 and later versions come with lots of new changes and features like new GUI, new Add-ons Manager. You also notice lots of modifications and removal of good old components like Menubar, Statusbar, etc in these versions.


If you are new to Firefox 4.0 and later versions and missing the good old things, here are some articles which will help you in getting the missing things back:

Following articles will help you in enabling some hidden new features which are not enabled by default:

If you want to disable unnecessary animations to speed up Firefox, you can visit following tutorials:

And you must give a try to following add-on which allow you to customize Firefox orange button appearance:

We are sure all the above articles will make your experience with the new Firefox versions better...

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  • Excellent list VG. Thank you so much for it.

  • Yes, excellent list. I'm glad to have a guide to returning FF4's interface back to the way it's supposed to be :-), but I'm going to wait a while to install FF4 so that some of the inevitable extensions incompatibilities shake themselves out.

  • suggest to also add stratiform: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/stratiform/

  • You're missing the most important tip: How to revert to Firefox 3.x.x (whatever the latest 3 version was). I've been twiddling a while with 4 final and, for the first time in years, removed everything Mozilla from my computer. A lot of things which I needed to be done in a specific way simply did not work. FF3.x.x was "good enough" for me.

  • Firefox 4 GUI is awesome.
    Even more minimalist & better looking than modern Firefox 48, if you ask me.

    Firefox 48 (2016) > 43.12 mb installer
    Firefox 4.0 (2011) > 12 mb

    In 5 years, over 3.5x larger, to display the same thing.
    Text on web pages.

    Sure, there are things such as HTML5, but I don't think that warrants close to 4x bigger installation files.

    I like minimalist apps, but recent variations of Chrome/Firefox/Opera feel like they are blowing up into heavyweight whales.

    Maybe they should scrap everything, & start all over again?

    Version 4 to 5x of Firefox were awesome!!!

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