[AIO] How to Get All Good Old Classic Features Back in Windows 7

Most of us are using Windows 7 in our systems. We love it, admire it. Its the best Windows OS from Microsoft.

But most of us also complain about various missing classic features in Windows 7 like Classic Start menu, Quick Launch toolbar, Show Desktop shortcut, Cut, copy, paste, delete and Up buttons in Explorer, etc.

We have posted lots of tutorials time to time which help you in getting those missing features back in Windows 7. Sometimes it might take time to browse through all these kind of tutorials, so today we are putting all these tutorials links in one place which will definitely help you in enjoying Windows 7 to the extent.

So without wasting time, lets take a look at all those tutorials which help you in getting missing classic features back in Windows 7:

Get Classic Start Menu Back:


[Manual Method] Get "Classic Start Menu" Back in Windows 7 without 3rd Party Software

Get Windows XP Styled Classic All Programs List in Windows Vista and 7

Get Classic Start Menu Back in Windows 7 Using Classic Shell

Get Classic Start Menu Back in Windows 7 Using CWSM

Get Good Old Classic Start Menu Back in Windows 7 Using CSMenu

Get Other Missing Classic Features Back:


How to Get the Good Old "Quick Launch" Toolbar and "Show Desktop" Shortcut Back in Windows 7?


How to Get the Old Thin Taskbar Buttons with Text in Windows 7?

Coolbarz: Get Good Old Desktop Toolbar (Deskbar) Back in Windows 7


How to Get Classic XP Style Network Activity Indicator Back in Windows 7?

How to Get Classic XP Styled "Network Connections" Back in Control Panel Under Windows 7?


How to Get Windows XP Styled Classic "Alt+Tab" Switcher Screen in Windows Vista and 7?

How to Get Windows Media Player (WMP) 12 Taskbar Toolbar (Taskband) Back in Windows 7 by Restoring wmpband.dll File

Get Classic Features Back in Windows Explorer:


Classic Shell: Get "Up" Button and Titlebar Text Back in Windows Vista and 7 Explorer

AeroBar: Show Titlebar Text in Windows Vista and 7 Explorer


How to Get Classic XP Styled Navigation Pane Back in Windows 7 Explorer?


How to Always Show "More Details" in File Transfer Dialog Box in Windows Vista and 7


How to Get "Shared Folder Icon" Back in Windows Explorer in Windows 7

Get Classic Apps Back:

How to Get the Good Old MS Paint (without Ribbons) Working in Windows 7?

How to Get the Good Old Wordpad (without Ribbons) Working in Windows 7?


Get the Good Old Movie Maker 2.6 in Windows Vista and 7

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  • Good tutorial. Win 7 has a lot of stupid things that are a big step back, it's good to have some workarounds to fix them. It's not about going back to XP, it's about making Win7 better.

    Network and sharing center is ridiculously complicated now. Try disconnecting and connecting from the network from there and see what happens. Network activity is obviously useful when you're having network problems.

    Control Panel icons organization makes no sense at all. Because of schizophrenic display or columns that you're supposed to read in rows, each time you go back to the control panel and your window size is different, the number of columns changes and you end up looking everywhere for the damn Program and Features icon.

    Taskbar grouping only makes you click more times not only to activate a program, but just to see which are open! On top of that, you have no control whatsoever on the order of the tabs in the taskbar. I use 7 Taskbar Tweaker that lets me drag and define the order that I want. I don't work by Words and Excels and Internet Explorers. I work by tasks that each require a set of applications, so I keep the applications of each task next to each other and in logical order.

    Windows Search is a disaster. It used to be simple to search a file by date, which is a great way to find a file you recently lost. Now you have to study the manual to figure out how to do it. Searches from the start menu most often only gave me absurd results. Got rid of it completly and installed Agent Ransack. Search by dates and file contents without having to work on the "Unix prompt".

    Which window is active? Never been so hard to tell and can't be changed... But it's pretty all right, that's what matters these days.

  • I have to admit, I like the new Paint much better than the old. It has all the same features of the old but most importantly, the canvas handles (those little dots you drag to reshape the canvas) are bigger but even more importantly than that....MORE THAN 3 UNDO'S...I really need those! ;-)

  • Thank you VG. I am one of many desktop, database and network support personnel in an enterprise establishment. We are transitioning from Windows XP to Windows 7. Last year we transitioned from Office XP to Office 2007. Depending on what adminstrators have locked down by group policy in Active Directory, maintaining the "Classic Look" is the easiest way to keep continuity in the office by maintaining a workflow instead of a work stoppage. Due to company and IT budgets being cut to bare minimums, training personnel is no longer an option. Training has become self service. I can put out some links to Microsoft training sites but our internet is locked down from Youtube or any site that is going to take up bandwidth. Again good article, I saved as IE favorite when it comes time for Windows 7 to be deployed to our department.

  • Thanks for the great help VG. All those people who make emotional comments are typically missing the point. Microsoft has long held the arrogant view that the end user "will get what we think you need and it will be programmed with minimal human logic" rather than supplying a product that the consumer actually wants. This is the usual result of holding something close to a monopoly.
    It makes no difference what anybody else thinks - your computer is your computer and it should be possible, after all these years of tech development, to easily customize it how you like it. For the conspiracy theorists out there - it's probably just a plot to keep us all busy learning new ways to achieve the same end result rather than letting us become proficient and thereby more productive. If you really want something to complain about go back to the days when the keyboard was deliberately scattered (to QWERTY etc) because typists became too fast and jammed the mechanical keyboards of the day. In typical short-sighted human style the engineers of the day chose to slow down the typists by confusing the arrangement of the keys. They should have worked harder on better technology - instead we now have the legacy of the stupid QWERTY - it has nothing to do with the most commonly used letters being in a convenient posdition. An opportunity for change was lost at the dawn of the mass computer market. If only IBM had had the courage to make an alphabetical order keyboard! Sorry for the ramble - but some of us just need to step back and look at the real problems. I await a barrage of emotional denial of my statements - go for it bloggers!
    Thanks again VG - great help!

  • Thanks so much VG for providing the much needed technical tips to avoid the complicated interfaces of Win 7 and new versions of other MS products.

    Pls publish the date of submitting the comment.

  • Hola que tal un articulo muy bueno ,Windows 7 rules !!! Saludos

  • I only want up button on my win explorer. Is there any software other than classic shell?
    It's setup is very large and antivirus detect it as malicious software, and it doesn't work too.

    OS: Windows 7 x64 Ultimate SP1
    Processor: Intel 3 rd gen i3

    Thanks in advance.

  • VG

    @CoOl KiNG
    You can use Better Explorer as TheAslan suggested:


    But its a standalone 3rd party program. I'll advise you to use Classic Shell. Believe me its excellent freeware. You can choose to only install Classic Explorer if you dont want other parts of this software.

  • Thanks VG.
    Classic Shell setup worked!
    Also we can change start menu orb with this freeware.
    Its a great software.

  • I'm in Windows 7 and want the old XP-style COPY & PASTE dialog box restored.

    I know there's a Registry hack that restores this feature - it's a simple change, but apparently I did not record this information, and I'm now building a new PC.

    Do you know the Registry hack to get the old XP "Copy & Paste" dialog box backl?



  • VG

    ^^ No but you can try following:


  • hi hi big brother . how u doing i hope u doing great . i have a question for
    can u tell me the side effect of formatting any hard disk several times

  • VG

    ^^ Its said that formatting a hard disk several times might damage it but I have never seen any such case.

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