AeroWeather: Change Windows Vista and 7’s Aero Color According to Weather Conditions

AeroWeather is a small free utility created by SpikeX which sits in background, retrieves the temperature or current conditions for your location, and will then set the Windows Aero color based on the temperature.

This is a really neat utility if you're the kind of person that wants to know what the temperature is just by looking at the Windows UI, or... if you can't decide on which Aero color to use, and would prefer it if it changed during the course of the day.

Features List:

Temperature-based color changes:

  • Minimum and Maximum values let you define your own range of colors
  • Maximum temperature (or higher) is always red
  • Minimum temperature (or lower) is always purple
  • Color is calculated based on minimum and maximum values
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius can be selected.

Condition-based color changes:

  • UI is grey if it's cloudy, blue if it's sunny, white if it's snowing, dark grey if it's raining, etc

"Night Mode":

  • Dims the Aero colors when the sun sets (retrieves sunset time from weather server). Colors appear dimmer and less vibrant
  • Brightens them when the sun rises the next day

AeroWeather requires Windows Vista or Windows 7 with Windows Aero enabled. This software is designed to work with the "glass" effect in Windows Vista and Windows 7, and it will not work unless Windows Aero is enabled.

Download Link

You'll need Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed in your system to be able to use it.

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  • I love this!
    Downloading now!

  • Cool app gonna give it a try

  • That's so cool! Too bad we use XP on our computer.. But it's still cool! :D

  • lol.. only accepts US zip codes?

  • VG

    ^^ No. It accepts all zip codes and locations.

  • Cool software... ^^
    Thx VG

  • Awesome utility! I'm gonna download it...when I'll have Windows 7...

  • Nice idea, but it doesn't work. I tried values from -3°C to 32°C from different locations, but the colour doesn't change at all. :(

  • Hm, bad my location is not listed

  • Use another location close to yours then. :P

    Great app, thanks for sharing! :)

  • Cool!:) but i have windows7 without aero. :(

  • I think this a fun application to download! Thanks for all your effort in sharing new software.

  • At first it didn't seem to work with Manaus, AM (Brazil) and Celsius – Current temp: ? – though it changed the theme color. But after I clicked Update Now (system tray menu) it read: Current temp: 26ºC. Problem is, it takes 16.117 KB of RAM. I think it's too much for a "small" utility, as it's described here.

  • Awesome! Unfortunately I Only use XP!

  • sweet

  • I might try this. Sounds neat. Thanks VG

  • Works in Australia? [Y/N]

  • Error setting up?? Ran as Administrator, and it throws me an error saying that it couldn't download?? What the ****?

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