Add “System Shortcuts” Cascading Menu in Windows 7 and Later Desktop Context Menu

Recently we posted a tutorial for adding your favorite programs shortcuts under cascading menus in Windows 7 Desktop context menu:

Add Cascading Menus for Your Favorite Programs in Windows 7 Desktop Context Menu

It might become very useful if you want to add your frequently used programs or system tools under separate groups.

Today in this article, we are providing a ready-made registry script which can add a new cascading menu "System Shortcuts" in Windows 7 Desktop context menu which contains following useful shortcuts under it:

  • Administrative Tools
  • Change Date and Time
  • Change Regional Settings
  • Folder Options
  • God Mode
  • Internet Options
  • Network Connections
  • Power Options
  • Programs and Features
  • Recycle Bin
  • Run
  • Search
  • Services
  • System Properties
  • User Accounts
  • User Accounts Classic
  • Window Switcher


By default, it adds the cascading menu in the middle of context menu. But if you want, you can add it at top or bottom of context menu as shown in following images:

System_Shortcuts_at_Bottom.png System_Shortcuts_at_Top.png

There are 3 different scripts included in the ZIP file, simply run the desired REG file to add the cascading menu.

There is also an uninstallation script available in the ZIP file so that you can remove the cascading menu.

Download Registry Script

PS: If the cascading menu doesn't work for you, first take ownership of following key in Registry Editor:


Then run the registry script again.

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  • very useful. thnx

  • thank you kindly, you are a very industrious and helpful person; I appreciate it and because i really do not like windows 10 too much, for what it left out from windows 7, dumbed it down in my opinion. It has its strengths and qualities, of course, just not to my particular taste nor needs
    I do miss not being able to pick my desktop fonts, colors and other nice and easy little tweaks made available in windows 7. I had changed over to Linux about a year or so ago with Mint17, I joined the windows insider program as soon as it became available and continue with it-but in a virtual machine. I only put windows 10 into one machine from 7---->10 2days before the 'free' part expired. I wouldn't have done so if there werent the easy 30day roll back option , i am sure
    I like Mint very much, but I still like certain parts of Windows because there are more programs written to it for now . Your efforts actually help Microsoft windows for me , some of the tweaks you have provided and given commands, scripts and paths /locations of things within the OS keep me interested as well as offering a few nice and quick changes to access things easily
    thanks again

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