Add “Restart uxsms” Option in Desktop and Explorer Context Menu in Windows Vista and Later

Recently we published a useful article which helps you in adding "Restart Explorer" option in Desktop context menu in Windows Vista and 7:

Add "Restart Explorer" Option in Desktop/Explorer Context Menu in Windows

An reader "Patrick" requested the same mod for restarting uxsms service to easily fix Windows Aero related problems.

So we are publishing another article which will help you in adding an option "Restart uxsms" in Desktop and Explorer context menu (menu which appears when you right-click) so that you can stop and restart the "uxsms" service if you face any kind of problem with Windows Aero.


Simply download following ZIP file, extract it and run the "Install.exe" file :

Download Link

It'll automatically install the required files and will ask you to add the option into Windows Registry, accept the confirmation by clicking on "Yes" button and then OK.

PS: If you receive any error message while running the installer, first take ownership of following key in Registry Editor:


Now run the installer again and it'll work without any problem.

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  • It doesn't work. Requires elevated rights.

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