Add “Restart Explorer” Option in Desktop and Explorer Context Menu in Windows

Recently we posted a simple script to restart Explorer in Windows:

Create Simple Script to Close and Restart Explorer Automatically in Windows

And now we'll tell you how to add an option "Restart Explorer" in Desktop and Explorer context menu (menu which appears when you right-click) to make the task faster and easier.


Simply download following ZIP file, extract it and run the "Install.exe" file :

Download Link

It'll automatically install the required files and will ask you to add the option into Windows Registry, accept the confirmation by clicking on "Yes" button and then OK.

Now you can restart Windows Explorer quickly and easily by simply right-clicking on Desktop or Explorer and selecting "Restart Explorer" option.

PS: If you receive any error message while running the installer, first take ownership of following key in Registry Editor:


Now run the installer again and it'll work without any problem.

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  • Your reg key is and Bat file work flawlessly VG :)
    ------ Thnxxx you for help :) ----- this is gift from you.

  • How can I change the language of the "Restart Explorer" in the context menu?

  • VG

    ^^ Open regedit and go to following key:


    You'll see "Restart Explorer" key under shell key. Rename the key to whatever label you want for the content menu option.

  • I've added Log out, Restart and Turn off options.
    Menu is divided into sections:
    *View, Sort by, Refresh
    *Paste, Paste shortcut
    *Resolution, Gadgeds, Personalise

    After adding it looks like it:
    *View, Sort by, Refresh
    *Paste, Paste shortcut
    *Resolution, Gadgeds, Personalise, Log out, Restart, Turn off

    How can I separate them from other options to make it look like this:
    *View, Sort by, Refresh
    *Paste, Paste shortcut
    *Resolution, Gadgeds, Personalise
    *Log out, Restart, Turn off

    Sorry for my english :)

  • VG

    ^^ I think you want this:

  • It is not it.

    These three options have to be at the bottom of the menu, separated by a gray line, as other options.

    | View |
    | Sort by |
    | Refresh |
    | Paste |
    | Paste shortcut |
    | New |
    | Resolution |
    | Gadgeds |
    | Personalise |
    | Log out |
    | Restart |
    | Turn off |

  • VG

    ^^ You cant add separator but you can add a dummy option having label as -------- which will look-like a separator. Also you can put those options in a cascading menu:

  • I've open the "Add_Restart_Explorer_Option.reg" on notepad to take a peek on it.
    I have a question about this, on Restart Explorer:

    Did you create that or it is generated by windows by default?
    I'm new to registry editing and i want to learn more about it.
    Hope you answer me. :)

  • i like this site keep it up good luck (sl)

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