Add “Open with Resource Hacker” Option in EXE, DLL, CPL, OCX and SCR Files Context Menu

NOTE: Make sure Resource Hacker's EXE file is stored in "Resource Hacker" directory under "Program Files" folder in C: drive, otherwise this trick will not work. Or you can edit the .REG file in Notepad and change the path of EXE file.

If you are a regular visitor of this site, then you might be aware of various "Resource Hacker" tutorials which we post time to time. Resource Hacker is a tool to edit Windows files to change look-n-feel of Windows interface.

You can check our "All About Resource Hacker" tutorial to know better about this tool.

You can edit EXE, DLL, CPL and many other system files with this tool. If you use it frequently, then here is an interesting tip for you.

Today one of our visitor "Kishan Bagaria" posted a very interesting trick which can add "Open with Resource Hacker" option in EXE, DLL, CPL, OCX and SCR files context menu.

In other words, you just need to merge a small registry file and whenever you'll right-click on any above mentioned files, you'll get an extra option "Open with Resource Hacker" in the list:


Just download following ZIP file, extract it and run the extracted REG file. It'll ask for confirmation, accept it:

Add Open with Resource Hacker Option

That's it. Now you'll get the option in EXE, DLL, CPL, OCX and SCR files context menu.

If you want to remove the option in future, then you can use following file in same way:

Remove Open with Resource Hacker Option

Thanks to our reader "Kishan Bagaria" for this nice tip...

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  • Thank you for this nice little tweak. I had already added Resource Hacker to be default opening program for .dll files, but was having trouble with this specific edit option.

  • I can't open .exe file with resource hacker for some odd reason. Help?

  • VG

    ^^ I cant see the image.

  • ^^ The image link given by Vonkrustonberg works fine for me. The image contains error message "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel."

  • VG

    ^^ Not opening for me. Its opening a blank page here.

    First tell me which hard disk partition contains your Windows?

  • Hello VG, here is a problem,
    i installed win 8.1 ent 32 bit. i am getting frequent errors with blue of error states error code "vsmraid.sys".....kindly help to solve the problem...its very annoying when system restarts in the middle of the work

  • VG

    ^^ Looks like a problem in RAM or Hard disk. Better to ask a technician to check the hardware.

  • it doesn't remove the message from the context menu, resource hacker 3.6, win8.1

  • VG

    ^^ It does. I double-checked it just now.

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