Add-on to Automatically Save and Recover Lost Form Data in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari

Many times we are filling an online form, typing our comment in a website comment box or composing an email to our friend/relative and suddenly the browser crashes or we click on close or back button accidentally. BOOM!!! All data gets lost.

Did you ever find yourself in the same condition? It happens many times with all of us and we have no other choice except typing the whole data again.

To make your life easier, today we are going to share 2 excellent add-ons for Mozilla Firefox (one of them also works in Google Chrome and Safari web browsers) which automatically save data from forms and text area and help you in recover the lost data.

  • Textarea Cache
  • Lazarus: Form Recovery


Textarea Cache

Its a very lightweight extension and only saves the content in textarea or WYSIWYG editor. User can recover the saved texts in the cache window, even the tab or the window is closed unexpectedly.

Once installed, you'll see an icon in status bar when the text is saved in the cache. Click the icon will open the cache window.

You can also add the Textarea Cache button in Firefox toolbar to quickly open advanced settings or access the cache window.

If you want to keep saved texts longer in the cache, you can do as following:

  • Type about:config in addressbar and press Enter
  • Now set extensions.tacache.clearCache to 1
  • Set extensions.tacache.restartClearInMin to -1
  • Set extensions.tacache.maxTextSaved to a larger number (this is the size of the cache, use carefully)

Now the saved texts will be kept in the cache unless it's full.

Download Link

Lazarus: Form Recovery

Using Lazarus, you can recover lost forms with a single click. Lazarus automatically encrypts and saves every form as you type. If the submission fails or if you forget to send it or your computer or browser crashes, then you can return to the page and recover the form data you originally entered.

Lazarus works with WYSIWYG editors, Rich text boxes and AJAXified forms. It also comes with RSA and AES hybrid encryption so your data is more secure than ever.

Lazarus comes in 2 versions: version 2.0 and version 3.0. Version 2.0 is only available for Mozilla Firefox whereas version 3.0 is also available for the Google Chrome and Safari browsers.

Version 3.0 is currently under beta testing and its feature set is not quite as complete as that of Lazarus 2.0 (no search lazarus functionality, doesn't work on WYSIWYG text boxes) but it should be a tad more stable.

Download Link (No longer available...)

Thanks to our reader "NZero" for sharing them...

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  • Security concerns ? This seems like a bad idea.

  • Muito bom msm. Salva no momento certo!!!

  • VG

    It comes with encryption for security purpose.

  • Too bad that Lazarus does not work.

  • Unfortunately Lazarus no longer supports Safari.

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