Add Event Sound to Mozilla Firefox Using PopupSound Extension

Mozilla Firefox doesn't provide any sound notification whenever an event occurs like you click on a link, a file download completes or a popup is blocked by the browser.

Internet Explorer does provide this feature and plays the click sound whenever you open a link.

Now you can get a similar feature in Firefox using "PopupSound" extension.

"PopupSound" extension allows Firefox to play a sound clip whenever:

  • A link on a page is clicked
  • You open a new link by providing its URL in the addressbar
  • A file download completes
  • A popup is blocked

Its a very useful extension and you can customize the sounds using its settings:


So its a worth to try extension. You can download and install it using following link:

Download PopupSound Extension for Mozilla Firefox

Extension Homepage

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  • not compatible with the latest firefox ( 18.0.2 at 15 feb 2013)

  • need to update this for firefox 30.0
    need it badly on a mac os x

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