Add or Other Website Links in Desktop Context Menu in Windows

Do you visit frequently and tired of opening the browser and typing the URL each time? Then here is a special trick for you.

You can add in your Desktop context menu and whenever you want to open the site, just right-click on Desktop and select the option to open AskVG:


Interesting, huh? You just need to follow very simple steps to get this option. This trick will only work in Windows Vista, 7, Windows 8 and later OS versions. Windows XP doesn't support this method.

Also you can use this method to add any other website URL in Desktop context menu. It'll work for all websites.

So here we start our tutorial:

1. Type regedit in RUN or Start Menu Search box and press Enter. It'll open Registry Editor.

2. Now go to following key:


3. Now we'll need to create a new key under "Shell" key. Right-click on "Shell" key and select "New -> Key". Give the new key name of "Open" (without quotes). You can give any other name, the name you set here will be shown as the option label in Desktop context menu.

4. Now we'll need to create another new key. Right-click on the new key which we created in the last step e.g. Open and select "New -> Key". Give the new key name of command.

5. Now select "command" key and in right-side pane, you'll see "Default" String value. We'll need to set its value to the command to open You can set the browser as well which you want to open while selecting the option in Desktop context menu.

Following are the commands for each browser which are needed to be set as the value of "Default":

Internet Explorer: iexplore
Mozilla Firefox: firefox
Google Chrome: full_path_of_Chrome_EXE_file
Opera: full_path_of_Opera_EXE_file

You can find the full path of Google Chrome and Opera browsers by right-clicking on their shortcuts on Desktop or Programs menu and select "Properties". Now copy the complete path from "Target" text box and use that as described above.

Unlike IE and Firefox, only giving Chrome or Opera doesn't work in this method.

Google Chrome and Opera paths would be as following:

Google Chrome: C:\Users\User_Name\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe
Opera: C:\Program Files\Opera\opera.exe

If your Windows Vista is installed in a partition other than C:, then replace the drive letter in above mentioned paths.


6. That's it. Once you set the value of "Default", you have done. Now right-click on Desktop and you'll set a new option "Open" which will open the website upon selection.

PS: If you want a ready-made script to do the task automatically, then download following ZIP file, extract it and then run the extracted REG file. It'll ask for confirmation, accept it:

Ready-made Script for IE Users

Ready-made Script for Firefox Users

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  • can we add another sortkut like my computer or a hard drive or something elde

  • VG

    ^^ Please check the links mentioned in NOTE.

  • Can we show icons next to these sites like we do in case of apps?

  • VG

    ^^ Of course, using the same method as mentioned for the apps.

  • Is it possible to open link in default browser?

  • VG

    ^^ You can use any web browser EXE file path in command value. So just use the browser which you have set as default in your computer.

  • Thanks.

    Script itself should find the default browser which set. is it possible?

  • Thanks.

    Script itself should find the default browser which I have set. Is it possible?

  • Can we add a folder of website links? That way when I add a link to the folder the menu would be updated?

  • VG

    ^^ You can do following:

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