8 Start: Enjoy Windows 8 Start Screen Style Homepage with Live Tiles in Web Browsers

UPDATE: New version released which comes with Windows 8 style scroll support for touch screens, unlimited pages adding support and IE9 jumplist support.

Recently we blogged about a Metro style homepage for web browsers including Firefox, IE, Opera and Chrome which features Windows 8 Start Screen like interface:

Get Windows 8 Start Screen Look-Like "Metro Style Homepage" in Mozilla Firefox, IE, Chrome and Opera Web Browsers

Today we are going to share another similar thing!

"8Start" is an HTML file created by AskVG's DA group member "link6155" with the help of "blindbartemais" which can be set as Homepage in your favorite web browser.

It has been created using Java script and CSS. It provides a homepage which looks very similar to recently introduced Start screen in Windows 8.


When you hover cursor over a tile, it slides to the right with a cool animation.

By default it comes with pre-defined website tiles but you can change them by editing the Index.html file in Notepad. To change images, you can modify or replace existing PNG files in "Panels" folder.

You can download it using following link:

Download Link

Extract the downloaded ZIP file and set the "Index.htm" file as your browser's homepage. To set the index.htm file as homepage, double-click on the file, it'll open it in your web browser, then select "Use current page as homepage" or similar option in browser's Settings window.


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  • can anyone tell me how to centre it because for me it is offset to the right hand side and i can't see all of the tiles.

  • How do you change the slides/ go to the next set of tiles?

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