7Conifier: Change Default Taskbar and Start Menu Icons in Windows 7

7Conifier is a portable tool created by "wronex" @ DA to change all default Taskbar and Start Menu icons in Windows 7 in a single click.

All you need to do is start the app, select the desired pre-loaded package and hit the "Apply" button.

7Conifier comes bundled with three packages (Eclipse 2, Token Light and Token Dark). You can also add more packages by downloading a package and place it in the folder "Packages".

If you don't like the new icons, you can restore the default icons using default package which you created at first launch of the app.

Features List:

  • One click (and key press) to change your systems appearance
  • One click (and key press) to change it back
  • Comes pre-loaded with three packages
  • Supports future package releases
  • Built-in editor that allows you to edit or create you own packages
  • Works on both big and small (xp-style) icons

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Posted in: Software, Windows 7

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  • What is the theme in this and where can I download it?

  • I have already tried this when I saw this on deviantart.com. Really cool and I like it very much!

  • does this app work on windows 7 starter...

  • my question same like ABC ^. How can I change the icon back to default ?

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