Microsoft Shares Tips and Hotkeys to Make Windows 7 Faster, Secure and Easier to Use

Windows 7 is already faster, secure and customizable compared to other Windows versions but if you want to get more from it, you should definitely go through a huge list of 77 tips for Windows 7 which has been posted by Microsoft TechNet website.

The tips cover following areas:

  • Make Windows 7 faster
  • Get more done with Windows 7
  • The best Windows 7 shortcuts
  • Securing Windows 7

The topic also mentions 14 best Windows 7 keyboards shortcuts which are as follows:

Win+H - Move current window to full screen
Win+I - Restore current full screen window to normal size or minimize it if not full screen
Win+Shift+arrow - Move current window to alternate screen
Win+D - Minimize all windows and show the desktop
Win+E - Launch Explorer with Computer as the focus
Win+F - Launch a search window
Win+G - Cycle through gadgets
Win+L - Lock the desktop
Win+M - Minimize the current window
Win+R - Open the Run window
Win+T - Cycle through task bar opening Aero Peek for each running item
Win+U - Open the Ease of Use center
Win+Space - Aero Peek the desktop
Ctrl+Win+Tab - Open persistent task selection window, roll mouse over each icon to preview item and minimize others

All tips are really worth a read. Thanks to Microsoft for providing them in a single place.

77 Tips for Windows 7

Thanks to our friend "Rob Margel" for sharing it...

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