2 Hidden Secret Features of Windows 10 Start Menu

Today in this topic we are going to share two interesting and very useful hidden secret features of Windows 10 Start Menu which have been implemented specially for touch-screen users.

One feature is actually a gesture which helps in accessing all apps screen quickly and the other feature helps in finding desired apps easily in Start Menu.

So without wasting time lets share the secret tricks:

FEATURE 1: Access All Apps Screen in Start Menu Using a Gesture

Although Microsoft has provided a direct option "All Apps" in Windows 10 Start Menu to access all installed apps and programs but Microsoft has also added a touch gesture to access all apps screen. Desktop and laptop users can also take benefit of it. Just check following steps:

Open Start Menu and then in left-side pane, click on empty area or Power or All apps options and then drag upwards just like you do on Taskbar items to show jumplists. Touch-enabled device users just need to tap and swipe upwards.


It'll immediately switch to All apps screen. Nice gesture to add some style to Start Menu experience.

FEATURE 2: Quick Navigation Between Apps Using Alphabet Screen

That's really a very handy feature. Suppose you have lots of programs and apps installed and your Start Menu's all apps section is full of shortcuts, then it'll be very time consuming in navigating through those apps. You'll need to scroll down and up to go to the desired apps.

To help users in quickly navigating between apps, Microsoft has provides a secret alphabet screen in Window 10 Start Menu Just like the screen you get in Windows Phone. To reveal it, do as following:

1. Open Start Menu and open All apps screen.

2. Now click on any alphabet which you see in the header of app shortcuts list.


3. It'll take you to the secret alphabet screen where you can click on desired alphabet to direct jump to the apps starting with the same alphabet.

If your app or program starts with a number such as 7-Zip, etc, then you can click on 0-9 entry.


To direct jump to the end of all apps screen, click on the Globe icon present at the end of the list and to direct jump to the start of the all apps screen, click on the Clock icon present at the beginning of the list.

You can check out both these secret features live in action in following exclusive video:

Did you know about these 2 features? If you also know about any similar secret feature, let us know in your comment...

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  • Interesting stuff. I did not know about any of them. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nice find. I knew about alphabet feature but swipe gesture was new for me. :D

  • Didn't know that the "Clock" and "Globe" buttons can actually be used to jump to the first and last item of the start menu respectively...

    The swipe gesture on the other hand, feels like it's actually intended for touch users.

    Thanks a bunch for the nice tip!

  • I know the second tips for a long time (same like Windows Phone 8.x), but the 1st tips I know when I read your article. Good for make open all apps easier for touch user

  • Thanks for the tips.

  • It would be easier just to press the A-Z to scroll directly to the right apps.

  • Another Start Menu trick:
    Press WinKey, press Tab once then press and hold Ctrl while using up, down, left and right arrow keys to resize Menu.

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